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Our hospital is staffed 24/7 every day of the year providing the highest level of personalized, compassionate emergency and specialty care for every patient.

We believe that pets enrich our lives and are truly members of the family.


  • The death cap, Amanita phalloides, from button stage to full siz

    Mushroom deaths are on the rise

    Amanita mushrooms, also known as “Death Caps,” carry a 90% mortality rate for dogs. Learn how to help keep your pet safe and what you should do in the case of mushroom ingestion by reading this article by PESCM’s Dr. Peter Bowie. Pictured: […]

  • shutterstock_57093730

    Heat Stroke: What to do when the heat is on!

    Heat stroke is an emergency that requires immediate recognition and prompt treatment. Dogs can not tolerate high temperatures as well as humans as they depend upon rapid breathing (panting) to exchange warm air for cool air.  Therefore, when air temperature is close to […]

  • shutterstock_24921415

    How to Care for a Bleeding Pet

    Pets often suffer from blood loss as a result of trauma, which can become life-threatening if not properly addressed and managed. If bleeding is severe or continuous, the pet may lose enough blood to cause shock; loss of as little as 2 […]

  • picture-1-nasal-foxtail-520x344

    Foxtails and the Serious Risks to Pets

    As an ER vet, I officially mark the start of the summer season when I see several patient charts over the course of a 10 hour shift with the presenting complaint: sudden sneezing. By the third one I think, “Another one? What […]


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